Wednesday, March 2, 2022

A couple of loggings

 I saw that Anarchy One was reported tonight with excellent signals in the Northeast. I haven't heard this station in probably at least 25 years. I assume this was a relay and not a new show, but it's always something when a pirate returns after a decade (or several) of being away from the hobby.

I also missed Clever Name Radio, which seems to have great signals most everywhere in the Western Hemisphere. I was busy splitting & hauling firewood, so I missed all of the fun tonight. 

Last night, I did manage to hear Clever Name Radio, which was playing the "request lines are open" clips. I complied, keyed in my request on HF Underground in the loggings section, and they almost immediately played it. Awesome. I don't know how many regions Clever Name has been heard, but I've seen HFU reports on HFU from Colombia and Guatemala. I heard this on 6919 kHz USB and I think it was around 2200. Despite having an e-mail address, I'm not sure that CNR has ever QSLed anyone.

Over in Europe via the Twente, Netherlands, receiver, I heard:

UVB-76 jammer: 4625 kHz, 1722 UTC Michael Jackson "Smooth Criminal"

Radio Europe: 5835.2 kHz 1830+ UTC With regional (presumably Ukrainian?) music. Some modern rock, some ska, etc. Excellent signal and I was a bit surprised to hear the sudden format switch. Maybe a different person was running the playlist today? I listened for about an hour, but no announcements. I wonder if all of these broadcasts are Radio Europe or if some other stations are popping up on the frequency to offer solidarity? 


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