Friday, March 4, 2022

Radio Europe with IDs

I've been listening to Radio Europe (shortwave pirate from Ukraine) for hours while working over the past week. Today, I heard talk and an ID on the station for the first time. The station had IDed back in the pre-war days, but, aside from this logging below, I haven't seen any mentions of an ID or any other kind of talk. It makes me wonder if the station was discussing the situation either in Ukraine or in the immediate area of the station. I made a recording of the announcement, so I guess I should either find someone who speaks Ukrainian to translate or put it up on YouTube. 

A couple of loggings via Twente, Netherlands web receiver
Radio Europe: 5835.2  kHz 1703+ UTC New wave + Ukrainian music. Woman announcer at 1707, dead air, then man talking in Ukrainian with distorted audio. Several clear IDs & mentions of Ukraine

Radio Ronalisa: 6275 kHz, 1730+ UTC Techno and male announcer with heavy reverb. Said from Netherlands and talked about Putin & told people to stay safe 

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