Tuesday, March 8, 2022

E-mail from Radio Europe and loggings from home and a far

I'll add loggings to this page shortly, but I wanted to post that I just received an e-mail in Ukrainian from Radio Europe. Here is the Google translated version (with some parts that I thought might be sensitive deleted):

Good afternoon dear friend. Thank you for hosting us. In conditions of war, we do not have the opportunity to answer you with a QSL card. The Russian army attacked Ukraine, bombing Ukrainian cities with 500 kg air bombs and caliber missiles. Also jet artillery and shells. Such are our affairs in the country.

Radio Europe 5835.2 kHz
Amplitude modulation
Antenna triangle
Transmitter power from 300 W to 1.5 kW.
The height of the antenna suspension is 15 meters above the ground.
Height above sea level 900 meters.
We are located ---------.
Our employees of the Radio Station: Operator ------
Technical Director ----
Information Director ----
We also work on other frequencies
From 3900 to 4200 kHz
And on the FM frequency band 98.7mHz
Our youtu.be channel
Sincerely, Radio Europe

Logs from home

Mix Radio International: 6880, 3/7, 2119+ Huge, perfect signal with full quieting. Music. I made the mistake of tuning over to a station that hadn't IDed and started recording there instead. By the time I came back to MRI, it was gone.

Unid: 6925U 0010-0038* excellent signal with a folky rock song. Was getting hammered by peskies by the end. At sign off, announcer said "One, two, three, four, what have you been waiting for radio international ha, ha, ha, haaaaa." Chris on HFU said that the announcer sounded like Zeke & I have to agree

Logs via Twente on March 8 UTC

6931 0323 Woman talking, possibly in Ukrainian

6950-6990 OTH RADAR?

4625 0327 Constant buzz running on top of the buzzer. Not sure if this is data from UVB-76 or if it's separate or separate and intentionally jamming?

Columbia: 1630 2015-2030* Sounded like a Bruce Springsteen song, then schlager. While I was getting a shower, I heard a couple of clear “Columbia” IDs from the male announcer. Very strong at Twente with signal tightly clipped at 10-kHz wide

Marianna: 1617 2011+ (ID per Iann's Chat) Schlager with accordian, etc. Male announcer with some tight reverb--sounded like possibly the older mechanical reverb . . . kind of tight and “springy”

Radio Europe: 5835.2, ca. 1920-2000 Johnny Cash songs, then some Ukrainian-lanuage songs I've heard here before. Dead carrier before I checked on the Dutch MW stations

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