Friday, March 11, 2022

Mostly logs via Twente

I was busy most of this evening with things like babysitting, so I didn't have much of a chance to listen at home on my radio, but I was catching a few European pirates on the Twente web receiver while working during the day (seems to be a trend as of late for me).

At-home log on the Drake R-8

Earth Station: 6955 kHz, 2350+ UTC good signal with Beatles "Octopus's Garden"

Radio Pushka: 6920 kHz, 0515+ UTC Some goth-sounding music with synthesizers & a lot of reverb on the vocals starting to come through, into EDM

Loggings via Twente, Netherlands, web receiver

Radio Spakenburg: 1638 kHz, 1908+ UTC Very strong with schlager. Announcements & clear ID or two

Radio Spakenburg: 1629 kHz, 2213-2250* UTC Heard 3 clear IDs & announcer said “gud nacht,” I think. Gerry Raferty song skipping badly, so brief dead air & into Black Sabbath “Paranoid,” “River Deep, Mountain High”

Radio Monte Carlo: 1629 kHz, *2250- UTC On after Spakenburg & QSOing with him

1665 kHz, 1920+ UTC Schlager, then CCR “Bad Moon Rising” at 1923. Back to older schlager. Fats Domino “Let's Twist Again”

1665 kHz, 1422 UTC Instrumental surf guitar song with announcer talking, pop, schlager

Radio Europe (Ukraine) 5835.2 kHz, 1840+ UTC Good signal. Announcement mentioned Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, & Putin. Abba “Take a Chance on Me,” etc. Nice to hear another announcement again

1620 kHz, 1952 UTC Yodeling, cowboy-styled polka “Mexicano,” Male announcer, but I couldn’t understand his ID, Buddy Holly “Oh, Boy!” To me, the ID sounded like "Radio Defrayhoho," :o) Jack Jersey “Papa was a Poor Man,” Beatles “Mr. Postman”

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