Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pirate logs,10/28/13

A few pirate logs from 10/28:

Captain Morgan Shortwave: 6924.2 kHz, 0115. Good in QRM here. Michael Jackson "Thriller" & "Twilight Zone" theme. Halloween SFX, with screaming, crying, creaking doors, etc.

Radio Echo 1: 6929.2 kHz, 0123 UTC. Nice sig here, fading, with electronic & produced IDs and a variety of music.

Red Mercury Labs: 6935 kHz USB, 0220+. Tuned in to hear "Walk on the Wild Side" and a more subdued than usual sign-off announcement. Evidently, the end of a Lou Reed tribute show. Fair signal.

Unidentified: 6925 kHz USB, 2226 UTC. Tuned in during Van Halen "And the Cradle Will Rock" Off for a bit, then same station (?) back with a weaker signal.

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