Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowstorm Pax loggings: 2/13-2/14/14

The snow is falling here and coincidentally or not, pirates are on the air. I missed Cool AM, but:

Captain Morgan: 6924.5, 2/13, 0203+ Excellent signal here with one of the captain's short '60s/'70s songs shows and the "Twilight Zone" theme.

Unid: 6925, 2/13, 1802+ Saw on HFU that Radio Free Whatever was on the air at 1700, checked the radio and something is here, but it's too weak for me to know if it's RFW. I have it recording and I think it's about time for me to shovel the driveway.

Cool AM relay: 6925, 2/13, 2205+ Fair here. Listened for about 10 min. and went back out and shoveled some more. Not sure about the snow total here, but I think it was about 12-16"

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