Friday, February 28, 2014

My weekend loggings: 2/28-3/2/14

Unid: 6867.4, 2/28, 2321+ Madness "It Must Be Love," Thomas Dolby "She Blinded Me with Science," Billy Joel "Sometimes a Fantasy" a break with some right-wing talk (from a radio show) about how anyone trying to enslave us is the enemy. In a different break between songs, what is evidently audio from a porno movie. Strange mixture of programming

Premier Radio (Ireland--ID per HFU): 6915.14, 2/28, 2340+ I have a carrier here, but that's all. It'd be nice to hear Premier Radio International again--last time for me was probably about 10 years ago and I had a very copyable signal.

Turtlehead Radio: 6930U, 3/1, 0511+ Pretty good signal tonight. Music, sounds like movie audio about a war hero "You are currently listening to Turtlehead Radio" Hi to Harry Smith, Red Mercury Labs & said RML is his favorite station, also hi to some of the other people who logged Turtlehead tonight. After another song, more shoutouts to people, including Refmo & Tom S. Asking for requests. "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes, which isn't commonly aired on pirate stations.

Radio Free Whatever: 6975.4, 3/1, 2102-2107* Fair signal with what sounds like old psychedelic rock. Clear IDs with Dick Weed and Stephen. They talked a bit about how this was show #225 & how to get a QSL. Also some comments about Stephen hosting the all-disco show.

Voice of Portugal: 6925, 3/1, 2224+ Theme program about cows with mooing cows throughout the entire program--even during all of the songs about bovines. Looking forward to hearing who this is. Now into a backward instrumental song. Gave IDs "Voice of...." but I think I'll need to listen on headphones a few times to get it right (if then, ha!) Air raid sirens. Think there was a cow farting in there, too. (just went to listen again & the ID clicked with my ears & brain)

Voice of Portugal: 6925, 3/1, 2344+ Repeat of earlier program. Tuned in during the Bob Seger parody. Signal is a bit better this time

Radio Free Whatever: 6975.4, 3/2, 0018+ Dick Weed and Stephen talking about the shows they do on RFW: "QRM," "RPM," and ... I forget the same of their nostalgia show

Wolverine Radio: 6950U, 3/2, 0139+ Excellent signal and great SSB audio (as always). Music by Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, etc. Typical Wolverine echo IDs.

Radio Free Whatever: 6950U, 3/2, ca0200+ Excellent signal a few minutes after Wolverine Radio sign off. Repeat of program from earlier in the day.

Voice of Mongolia Relay Service: 6948, 3/2,  

Unid: 6925U, 3/2, 2250+ Received 3 SSTV images of what looks kind of like the Cheetos Cheetah. Some words are at the bottom, but it's not clear enough for me to be able to read them.

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