Monday, March 10, 2014

Auds'n'Ends 3/10/14

A few updates, but not much of an intro this time:

* The SWL Winterfest is this weekend in Plymouth Meeting, PA (near Philadelphia). It's next weekend (3/14 & 3/15). Here are the details. I always have a good time and I've seen a number of pirate DXers there (as well as SWBC DXers, etc.) over the years. Chris Lobdell said he'll be offering unofficial Winterfest t-shirts.

* I'll be taking a few of the final copies of the 2013 Pirate Radio Annual to the Winterfest this year and the rest will be going to to Universal Radio. So, if you want a copy, you could either pick it up from me at the Winterfest on Friday (I won't be there on Saturday) for $15 or you could order one in the next few days from me for $16 + 3 shipping (to the US) = $19.

* I checked my recording of YHWY from last night. It faded in well enough that I could hear talking at a decent level for about 5 minutes, but it was hard to make out any words. Still, it was pretty cool to hear a station that's been really elusive for eastern listeners.

* Speaking of elusive stations for easterners, I heard KMUD on Friday night. I didn't post it in my weekend loggings because it was mixing with other stations on 6930 kHz at the time. I could hear Morse code, but I need a chart and a lot of time to copy CW, so I didn't want to post it immediately that I heard the station. But I checked the recording today and I heard a few KMUD CW IDs that were over a kind of strange-sounding music bed. I had some data QRM in there, too, so it wasn't easy copy. But this is a station that I've been hoping to hear for the past 20-25 years, so it was really pretty cool to finally log it!

* The other day, I posted an SSTV image from a Italian outbander on 11m. I searched around a bit and e-mailed the operator & sent a link to the site so that he could see it. He said "Hy Andrew i'm Very happy.  Is  My first  qsl  in sstv .  Tnx" Ha! I just assumed that he had received reports from around the world before.

* Here's a link for fans of the Voice of Bacon who also have problems waking up in the morning.

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