Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cupid Radio Test & Radio Gloria relays for 3/22/14

I received this e-mail today & checked with Rinus to see if it's OK if I post it. He did, so here it is:

Dear radio friends,
It have been a while ago since our last adventure towards the east continent, i remember it was a lot of fun then and we got a large amount of listeners at the other side of the world.
So i give it a go tomorow on 23 of march.
The 3 elements beam is aimed towards New guina that is 50 degrees from my qth, and will be the best direction for japan, australia, New Zea land.For this distance we need some help from my russian friends who are locked in my amplifiler :) , they must do the trick. The broadcast starts on 09:00 utc and will end at 10:30 utc or maybe longer when there is a huge pile of response is coming up
For those who got problems with the right utc time , check this
Cupid radio

21.460 MHZ AM mode

Start 09:00 - till at least 10:30 utc  [or longer if there is a huge amount of listeners stuck behind the radio] We will send out sstv pictures, this is done with mmsstv my mode that i use is scottie one.

For this broadcast will be send out the special DX qsl card please inclose a photocard from the city were the signal is received drop this in the following mailbox adres
Cupid radio 9
8096 ZG
we were be also in the chatroom from iann in france , you can find it here
lots of pirates and listeners are here
Greetings from the  cupid studio
And I also received this schedule:
Radio Gloria relays this Sunday

07 - 09 UTC on 7265 kc
09 - 11 UTC on 9485 kc
10 - 11 UTC on 6005 / 7310 kc

10 - 11 UTC „“-6005
15 - 18 UTC and

email  Thank you!

Good Listening

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