Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekend loggings: 3/7-3/10/14

I'm hoping to write more about it in an Auds'n'Ends post, but I received my Drake back yesterday. In celebration of actually being able to tune the radio (as opposed to pressing buttons), I've been lurking on Iann's chat & tuning for European pirates. I'm hearing one right now:

Radio Tango Italia (Italy): 6265.4, 3/8, 0002+ Very weak, but I've been able to hear audio for the past 10 min. or so. I could hear the operator talking and then the station went into piano music. It sounded like the music was all either pop or easy listening. Nice to hear a European station again--even if the reception is rough!

Undercover Radio: 6925U, 3/8, 0005+ Dr. Benway talking about doing t-shirts, said sold 90! Not bad for just a short time on the air offering them. Thanked Dick Weed for starting the Booster shirts concept with the pirates. Announcing e-mail address, was afraid that he stomped on another station, aside from the pescadors. Said he's 2 years behind on QSLs, but he's been working on them and more will be sent out soon.

Radio Marabu: 6304.4, 3/8-9, 2200 or so then 0445+ It was coming in pretty well by 0445, but I need to check the recording for details

Channel Z: 6925, 3/9, 2323+ Excellent signal. Ramones "California Sun" Zombies "Time of the Season"

YHWH: 11130, 3/9, 2323+ Token posted this on HFU and I checked on the R8, but I can only hear the carrier right now. At least I'm hearing it!

Radio Marlene: 6930, 3/10, 0023+ ID, "Come on down and party, on Radio Marlene" Pop music and overmodulated. Strong signal, though.

The Crystal Ship: 6876, 3/10, 0026+ Very good to excellent signal with rock music. Some SSB splatter on the frequency.

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