Friday, March 13, 2015

11-meter Outbander SSTV Images 27700 kHz

11-meter Outbander SSTV Images 27700 kHz

It's been a long time since I've posted Outbander SSTV images. For the uninitiated, these are images from unlicensed stations who transmit around 27600-27800 kHz. Although they have callsigns, these are based around some guidelines created by associations of outbanders. I've received tons of these images over the past few weeks, but I'm posting ones with different callsigns, just to give a sampling of what I've decoded here.

SSTV repeater instructions from 10AD707

14AV05 from France

10AD113 from Mexico

31CDP249 from Portugal

10AD025 from Mexico

F11CPF, which uses a different system for its callsign, from France

14FP15 from France

10AD707 from Mexico with a look at the Batcave's radio shack

10AD214 from Mexico
13FB044 from Germany
DL911 from Germany
1SF072 from Italy
14PIC001 from France
1RGK462 from Italy

104LR001 from Corsica

108TM074 from Scotland

14FDG08 from France

14FJ028 from France

13CB9SU from Germany

2AD101 from the U.S.

10AD113 from Mexico

4YX5515 from Argentina

165OS002 from Sardinia

30FN001 from Spain

13SK604 from Germany

KP133 from Mexico

10AD314 from Mexico

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