Saturday, March 28, 2015

Weekend Loggings: 3/27/15-3/30/15

Weekend Loggings: 3/27/15-3/30/15

0-60 Degrees Radio from Europe was testing in the afternoon on 21750 kHz LSB & 15880 kHz LSB, but unfortunately I missed the first & couldn't hear a trace of the station on latter frequency.

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 3/28, 2055+ Sgt. Preston program Quaker Puffed Wheat/Rice ad with promo for Yukon Trail buildings on the boxes, Boy Scouts ad. Quaker Oats oatmeal ad, ABC ID. The Six Shooter, NBC promo

Pesky Party Radio: 6950U, 3/29, Details to come

X-FM: 6965, 3/29, Details to come

The Crystal Ship: 6876, 3/29, *2312-0142* Tuned in to 4 min. of dead air with full quieting. On with Jefferson Airplane "Someone to Love" then "Age of Aquarius." TCS "Flower Power" show announced. "San Francisco," "Along Comes Mary." Sudden off near the end of "Hungry for a Good Thing." Fantastic signal during entire show.

Radio Free Mars: 6924.4, 3/30, 0126+ David Bowie "Major Tom" news clip about someone having trouble making bail, back to "Major Tom." Pretty good signal, but some fades and pescadore QRM. It's been a few years since I've heard RF Mars, so great to hear again!

via Twente web receiver

Radio Caroline: 6290.52, 3/27, 1640+ SINPO: 35544. Lots of jingles, some classical and pop music. It sounds like it might be into news in German because male and female announcers are alternating talking. E-mail address announced a few times. BTW, this is a tribute station to Caroline.

I received this eQSL because I wrote a note to the op, letting him know that I was listening in on the web receiver. He said the station was using 40 watts from the Czech Republic. I guess that was a decent catch from a receiver in Holland, at least at that power and signal level.

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