Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekend Pirate Logs: 3/20/15-3/23/15

Weekend Pirate Logs: 3/20/15-3/23/15

I've been burning a lot of CDs for the latest Pirate Radio Annual and the burner creates a lot of RFI, so I might need to shut this operation down later on if a station that I don't log too often comes on. As a result, I might experience more March Madness tonight than pirate radio, but we'll see how it goes. This is what I have so far:
Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 3/20, throughout NBC Blue Network IDs, Avalon Hour with Red Skelton. Ads for Avalon cigarettes & Trushay hand lotion.

Funny; it seems like I missed nearly everything last night while eating supper (Pirate Clips Radio) or doing some things with the family (Renegade Radio). I did manage to hear Captain Morgan:

Captain Morgan SW: 6939, 3/22, ca0015+ Older blues--some with guitar, one with piano, etc. Pretty good signal, but fairly tough to hear with dishwasher interference.

I was hoping for some Europeans testing to North America, esp. on high frequencies in the afternoons, but they must've all been tested out after the very successful weekend of such activities last week.

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 3/22, 2300+ Duffy's Tavern episode that I think is from May 25, 1949, with Archie writing an opera. Ed Wynn as guest star. Not sure if it's a generational thing or if it has something to do with my sense of humor, but I can't really tolerate Ed Wynn. This is the 1st time that I've heard a Duffy's Tavern episode on this station. Ads for Vitalis and Mum.

The Crystal Ship: 6876, 3/22, 2354+ Evidently, this is a '60s flashback program. Moody Blues right now. "Ride My Seesaw"

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