Friday, March 6, 2015

Dead-Air Day: 3/6/15

Dead-Air Day: 3/6/15

Last night, I tuned into a station on 6924.4 kHz that had been airing some music earlier, but the songs were over and all that was on was dead carrier. I missed all of the music, but I did catch about 10 minutes of carrier. Nice signal, with a lot of quieting (not quite full) on the carrier.

But that's not all. I haven't seen anyone else mention it, but the Old-Time Radio unid on 6770 has been airing just dead air for the past few days. Maybe three days? Wonder if it'll switch to a different frequency soon or if the programming will return? It's been a pleasure to listen to and have around on the bands, so I keep trying to not take it for granted.

2014 PRA notes: I'm planning to do a mass e-mail, so I'm still keeping the price at $15 + shipping until I can get that e-mail sent out.

We had a foot of snow here yesterday at long last & it was -11 this morning. Maybe the modulation of these stations got frozen in the ionosphere and only the carriers made it to the radio.

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