Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mid-week loggings:1/26/15

Just messing around a bit with the radio, checking noise levels on lower frequencies. There's a LOT of wide-open space on 120 meters for people to be broadcasting. Everything that I heard between 3200 and 3500 kHz is listed below (along with some other stuff)

CLB: 216, 1/27, 0133+ Nondirectional aircraft beacon from Winnabow, NC, with a decent signal

WWCR: 3215, 1/27, 0041+ Huge signal (of course), with male announcer reading from King James version of Old Testament. Announcer stumbling a lot

Radio Sonder Grense (tent.): 3320, 1/27, 0146+ Male and female announcers.

CHU: 3330, 1/27, 0147+ Big signal for the time station

New York Radio (VOLMET) 3485U, 1/27, 0149-0151* Aeronautic weather (temp, dew point, altimeter readings, windspeed, cloud height, etc.) for a bunch of places

Gander Radio (VOLMET) 3485U, 1/27, *0151+ Aeronautic weather (temp, dew point, altimeter readings windspeed, cloud height,, etc.) for a bunch of places

Radio Verdad (Guatemala): 4055, 1/27, 0139+ Noted in passing with presumed sermon or Bible lesson, into old-style organ music with lots of vibrato and woman with announcement. Good signal

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