Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jonas Weekend Pirate Logs: 1/23-1/25/16

"When the weather outside is frightful, to be on the air is delightful, oh yes it's pirate radio, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" as the old song on PRN from 25 years ago went.

Living in Pennsylvania, I've always loved pirates that broadcast during snowstorms. Some have been specific storm-themed stations, such as WUBR (Ultimate Blizzard Radio), the Frankenstorm SSTV station, and WONS. The NYC medium-wave stations also used to hit the air during snow storms and plenty others since have done their work in the snow because it's safe. If there's a snowstorm of the magnitude that's hitting the Midatlantic right now, the assumption is that no one is out doing enforcement right now (and I think that's a safe assumption).

The only fly in the ointment is if the FCC has already located a station, but hasn't issued a warning--if that station irritates the FCC during the snowstorm, whether with how long the station is on the air or with the programming content, it could result in an NUOU or an NAL. I've never heard of a case like that, but just saying that it could be a possibility.

Enough philosophy, I've got lots of pirate radio to listen to today.

WEEK Radio: 6950, 1/23, 1401+ Song about tomorrow. The music theme seems to be the days of the week. Easybeats "Friday on My Mind" WEEK ID "the station for every day of the week" using the same female computer voice that WEAK used in many of their IDs. So, it's an interesting concept for a station with a kind of in-joke embedded.

Radio Azteca: 6900, 1/23, 1950+ Dr. Radio segment. Signal weak. Bullwinkle interval signal, into another program. Starting with Mail Scrotum segment. Nice to have someone relaying some of these shows from about 25 years ago.

Channel Z (tentative): 6150.4, 1/23, 2225+ Weak music

WEAK Radio: 6955U, 1/24, 0040+ Excellent signal with rap, punk, & metal. Funny Visa ad, clear ID. SSTV image at end:

KCPR: 6950, 1/24, 0002-0009* Music. Weak. ID per HF Underground & Morse code ID at end like KCPR does

Pee Wee: 6956, 1/24, 0139+ Ozzy Osbourne "I Don't Know." Weak, but improving. Oops, no, I think it completely faded out now

I've been checking between 3400 & 3500 kHz, just in case someone wants to propagate to listeners who are a bit closer, but no luck so far.

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 1/24, 1526+ The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe, NBC Radio ad for Duffy's Tavern

unid: 6925, 1/24, 1545-1547* Jimi Hendrix song . . . "Voodoo Child," I think. Quick, deep fades. Decent carrier, but audio level sounds low. Off with no IDs.

WAZU: 6950.5, 1/24, 1655+ Gerbil Rooter ad & message from station manager Buck McMoney. Pretty good signal

Radio Azteca: 6900, 1/24, 2118+ Sounds like a story from a morning show team, ID with echo. "Your station for the latest bodily function news and sports."

Liquid Radio: 6925, 1/24, 2249+ Long, deep fades & heavy pescador QRM. Think I heard Steppenwolf "Born to Be Wild" & The Police "Spirits in the Material World" but the sledding is tough right now on 6925. ID at 2301

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