Friday, January 29, 2016

Weekend Loggings: 1/29-1/31/16

Last weekend was pretty awesome, but we did have a huge snowstorm. Wonder what this weekend will bring?

unid: 6935, 1/29, 2155 VG signal here with Cheap Trick "Dream Police," Slade "Mama Weer All Crazee Now," a bit of Eddie Murphy standup, Hawaii 5-0 theme, Michael Jackson "Beat It." Nice audio. 

Radio Ga-Ga: 6930U, 1/30, 0015-0021* The Doors "The End." Good signal on fade-ups, but very deep fades (sometimes disappearing). At end, he broadcasting live from Zipper Lake

Liquid Radio: 6925.2, 1/30, 0023+ Ambient synthesized dance music, fair/weak signal but heavy pescador QRM ("hola, hola, hola, hoooooooola"). Heard an ID about 15 min ago, but the pescadors are messing the signal up a bit too much to really be able to enjoy it

Channel Z: 6925, 1/30, 1445+ SIO:555 Another excellent edition of Before They Were Famous (Part 6) with Andy Walker: The Sorcerers, ? (a band with Stevie Nix & Lindsey Buckingham), The 31st of February, Mott the Hoople. e-mail address, BRS address--only postal reports get hardcopy QSLs. Andy says that he might be seeing you at the 2016 SWL Winterfest.

unid: 6935, 1/30, 1445+ Noted in passing on my way to hear Channel Z, I'm guessing this is the same station that I've been hearing for hours on 6935 and 6945 kHz the past few days.Tuned back in later & signal is weak with rock music, but I haven't ID'd the songs/groups

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