Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Logs: 1/28/16

6945, 1/28, 1900+ Turned on the radio to hear me stammering through my talk at the last HOPE Conference. My public speaking is abysmal, but a lot of people seemed interested in hearing about shortwave and weird stuff on the band, so I guess it was a success in that respect. Not sure if that translates to radio rebroadcasting?

Via the Twente Webreceiver:
1645, 1/28, 1446-1447* Country music and Dutch male DJ. Off mid-song

6295, 1/28, 1430+ "Bye Bye Blondie" (I think it had a Dutch section in it, so I think it's a cover), excellent signal. Talk in Dutch with a shoutout to Radio Tina. My wi-fi's really glitchy today, so I'm missing a lot. Mostly faded out by about 1520

1620, 1/28, 1520-1524* Some Dutch music and talk. Nice signal, but quickly went QRT

1623, 1/28, *1525-1528* Good, someone else signed on. But I don't understand Dutch and the wi-fi's still glitchy, so I don't like my chances of copying an ID! Schlager with a male announcer.

1648.7, 1/28, 1530-1538* Looks like someone's playing with a transmitter here for about the past 15 min. or so. I see a carrier (but I haven't heard audio on it). But the carrier sometimes bounces around a few hundred Hz. I don't think the freq's intentionally being moved. Heard some weak voice audio, so I think the operator was trying to get his voice to register, before pulling the plug

1620, 1/28, 1540-1603* Lots of old schlager with female singers. Maybe playing an entire album by the same artist?

1625, 1/28, 1605+ Schlager. Male announcer. Sounded like he said "Radio Armadillo," but I think that's a UK SW station, so I dunno what I heard. I guess I should either learn Dutch or listen to some other frequencies for a while!

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