Thursday, February 4, 2016

A few PRA notes

I've mostly been posting logs here and haven't mentioned the progress of the PRA. Because the last one got pushed back by almost a year, the new one is going to be a combined 2015-2016 edition that includes stations that were on in 2014 and 2015. I wrote the entries for 28 stations last week and have finished 11 more this week. That sounds like a lot, but, wow, it's just a drop in the bucket.

So far, I only have about 15 station recordings made for the CD. I record loads of broadcasts every year and cull from those for the CD (and also to send to stations with reports), but I often accumulate a bunch of recordings on the recording computer (an old computer that I essentially only use for recording shortwave broadcasts) before I save everything down. Right now, for example, I've got about 20 unnamed/unsaved files on the computer . . . but I have a page with the name of the unnamed file (e.g., "untitled17"), date, time the recording was started, frequency, and the station name. Then I go back and sift through the recordings, save most of them, and move on through until I'm done.

I was searching around for info on the "Don't Panic" unidentified from October 2014 to write an entry for it. There wasn't a lot written about it, so I thought I'd go back and pull up my recording so that I could get a fuller transcription. I couldn't find the file. Checked two computers. Not on either one. My recording computer died last summer, so I pulled the hard drive on it. Nothing. It stinks because that was an awesome broadcast and I had a really nice recording of it. At this point, I think I lost it in a computer crash. Really disappointing.

I think I still have about 20 or 30 more entries to write, but many of these are old stations that I need to dig up info on. If you run a station that was reported in 2014 or 2015, I'll probably be writing to you in the next couple of weeks, so please check your station e-mail. I'll be e-mailing do that you can doublecheck your entry.

Oh hey, why not. Here's a list of the station recordings for the CD so far. I've focused mostly on less-common stations:

Bangalore Poacher, December 20, 2014, on 6925 kHz at 2202 UTC
Big Dawg Radio, November 6, 2014, on 6925 kHz USB at 2222 UTC
BZN Radio, December 24, 2014, on 6952.5 kHz at 0149 UTC
Cupid Radio, November 8, 2014, on 21460 kHz at 1539 UTC
Drifty Crystal, February 1, 2014, on 6920 kHz LSB at 0304 UTC
Germany Calling, November 10, 2014, on 6940 kHz at 0114 UTC
Happy Hanukkah, December 23, 2014, on 6875.5 kHz at 2354 UTC
Horizon FM, March 14, 2014, on 6205 kHz at 0435 UTC
PBS Underground, January 19, 2014, on 6925 kHz on 2105 UTC
Pumpkin Patch Radio, October 27, 2014, on 6930 kHz USB at 0004 UTC
Radio Jingle Bells, December 21, 2014, on 6400 kHz at 2159 UTC
Radio Marlene, March 10, 2014, on 6930 kHz at 0025 UTC
Sycko Radio, December 27, 2014, on 6925.2 kHz at 2331 UTC
WBOG, December 31, 2015, on 6950 kHz at 2208 UTC
Witch City Radio, October 27, 2014, on 6919.8 kHz at 0053 UTC
WMFQ, December 21, 2014, on 6885.6 kHz at 0017 UTC