Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More PRA Notes: 2/10/16

Oh well, I missed both Radio Gallifrey Intergalactic and X-1 tonight because I've been writing. One of these days, I'll finish this book!

While being distracted (I'm easily distracted), I counted the entries. I'm up to 196 entries done and 71 still to write. Does it really seem like 267 different stations have been on in the past two years? From a listening prospective, no. From a writing prospective, definitely.

I have to put out a great big thank you to everyone at Rave On Radio, who forwarded some recordings of the Don't Panic! (ebola) unidentified station from October 2014. Thanks to ROR, I'll be able to include an audio clip from this station on the PRA CD. Currently, I'm at clips from 19 different stations finished.

One thing that I noticed today while digging through loggings of Brockett 99 from August 4, 2015. Ulx2 from Kiev logged the station on 6932 kHz on a portable while walking in a park . . . with a very good signal! It's too bad that more people from around the world aren't tuning in to shortwave pirates from other continents. I think we'd have more surprising results like this.

This has been a bit of a distraction (although I'm still writing), but I really want to write the Captain Morgan entry tonight, so I'll stop this blog entry now.

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