Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekend Loggings: 2/6-2/8/16

Wonder if all the activity will be today and early tomorrow, considering that the Super Bowl is tomorrow night? I guess we'll find out.

unid: 6925, 2/6, 1545+ Have a decent carrier, but not much audio is making it here. Just bits & pieces . . . and it's buried. Seems to be getting a bit better at 1545. 1547: Sounds like a ham (or MARS?) net being relayed by someone in AM mode here. I guess it must be the unid station that's been on through the morning & afternoon lately relaying lots of stuff. Still on when I tuned in WEEK Radio a few hours later

WEEK Radio: 6950, 2/6, 1911+ Fairly weak signal, but improved. Beatles "8 Days a Week" echo ID @QRT

OTR unid: 6770, 2/6, 2218+ Big signal with Wild Bill Hickock. Kelloggs Sugar Pops ad with plastic gun offer. Digital audio player was been glitching for a bit & it sometimes sounded like an echo

6975, 2/6, 2220+ Some music is coming through, but the signal is weak enough that the sync detector on the R8 can't quite lock in

Radio Free Whatever: 6945U, 2/6, 2305+ Excellent signal. Dick Weed losing his cursor

Pee Wee Radio: 6955U, 2/7 Just caught about 2/3 of an SSTV and then Morse code

Wolverine Radio: 6950U, 2/7, "Time Has Come Today"

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