Monday, February 15, 2016

SWL Winterfest & some loggings: 2/15/16

Time flies when you're sitting around writing. I had planned to write about the Winter SWL Fest & maybe someone would read about it and "That's it; I've been thinking about going for years, but this post is the final tipping point. And time passed by. I thought "I'll write that post now because we're only about two weeks away." Ooops, no, it was a week closer. So, here it is Monday evening and the Winterfest starts on Friday. That's not much time, but maybe enough that someone who isn't too terribly far away will decide to drive over. It's not a bad trip for DXers in the Midatlantic.

Here's the basic information.

Here's the program lineup. A couple of these are connected to hobby broadcasting of various sorts: the Part 15 forum (Anthony Messina & Rob Femly), the Pirate Radio Review (George Zeller), and David Goren has the Shortwave Shindig, which will include audio from NYC FM pirates. A couple of receiver forums should be really interesting: 2016 Survey of SW Receivers (Thomas Witherspoon), Kit Receivers Old & New (Skip Arey), and Survey of the All-Time Best Receivers (Dan Robinson). I also want to hear Paul Ladd talk about why KNLS is still dedicated to SW broadcasting, I haven't had as much noise on MW over the past six months, so I'm interested in MW DXing (Brett Saylor), and loop antennas (Jef Eichner).

WEAK Radio: 6930U, 2/15, 0135+ WEAK singing ID, fake ad for McDonalds Big ********** sandwich, "Pushin' Too Hard" Great to hear the WEAK Bust Anniversary Show for 2016!

A couple of loggings from the Twente online receiver:
Radio Skyline: 1611, 2/15, 1500-1505* ‘50s-sounding rock’n’roll song, then Dutch talk with clear Radio Skyline IDs
SRG (Skyline Radio Germany): 6325, 2/15, 1608+ AC/DC, Complex pro-sounding promo with many IDs, Herten address for hardcopy reports, DJ talk in German, what I think might’ve been an interview (two guys talking in German). Good at the start, but complete fadeouts after a few minutes.
6285, 2/15, 1608 Schlager. Got sidetracked & when I came back, it had signed off

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