Friday, June 24, 2016

European Logs via Twente Webreceiver

No European pirates audible early on the Twente receiver, so I was listening to BBC coverage of the UK opting out of the EU on 837 kHz. Interesting stuff.

1620, 6/24, 1640+ Nice signal with polkas, schlager, old country, and at least one '50s rock song. Male announcer with light echo said "testing" early on. All other talk in Dutch. Peggy March "Memories of Heidelberg" I looked up the song & see it hit #5 in Germany in 1967. Also thought it interested that Peggy March was from Lansdale, but had a lot of success in Germany, so started singing in German.

1646, 6/24, 1831-1839* A number of old, patriotic marches, brief in Dutch talk at 1839 by an enthusiastic-sounding man & off.

6265, 6/24, 1824-1830* Bryan Adams "Summer of '69," another rock song "Here's to You" & off with no talk or IDs.

SWBC via TwenteRadio Mi Amigo: 3985, 6/24, 1745+ Rolling Stones "It's Only Rock'n'Roll" Went into a German-language show & started to fade out

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