Monday, June 27, 2016

European Pirate Logs via Twente: 6/27/16

I listened just a bit this past weekend via my own receiver & managed to hear Girl Scout Radio & Pirate Radio Boston. Those logs were so spread out, though, that I just didn't put a weekend log post up. But I listened a bit on the web today . . . most of these stations were playing Dutch music and announcing in Dutch, so these are light on details:

1620, 6/27, 1423+ Dutch MW pirate with old instrumental accordion music (maybe from the 1940s?). A few min later, a song with vocals. Still sounds like it’s from the ‘30s or ‘40s. Gone when I tuned back through 30 min. later

1629, 6/27, 1931+ Woman singing disco Schlager, Good signal

1639.9, 6/27, 1931+ Schlager & polkas, VG signal

1645, 6/27, 1454-1455* Instrumental polka & gone

1650.5, 6/27, 1605+ Schlager, etc. Sounds like mostly from the ‘60s, possibly from the same album. From the web display, it looks like all of the modulation is on the lower sideband. Talk & ID by man with heavy echo at 1635. Still on at 1931

6260, 6/27, 1935+ Peter Frampton “Show Me the Way” Fair

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