Thursday, June 30, 2016

More European pirate loggings via Twente: 6/30/16

Another night & I didn't hear any pirates on the receiver, but I heard a few stations on the computer via Twente. One positive was fixing the antenna mast, which had broken in two places and was hanging at half mast (literally).

Oh, tomorrow is Canada Day. Some Canadian pirates in the past have made special broadcasts for the holiday, so maybe we'll have something to listen to.

1635, 6/30, 1800-1806* Dutch folk music. One song sung by woman about "Santo Domingo." Two announcements in Dutch by male announcer.

1640, 6/30, 1806+ Noticed this one after 1635 signed off. Male announcer into light music. Weak signal, much weaker than most MW stations on the Twente receiver.

A-ha, 1635 came back on after 1640 signed off, so these two are evidently in QSO. The QSO ended around 1825.

6255.5, 6/30, 1927+ Old pop & country music Don Williams "You're My Best Friend," Freddie Fender "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights," Sam Sham "Wooly Bully," Barry Sadler "Ballad of the Green Berets" Came back to the computer & heard Sonny & Cher "Little Man" and The Drifters "Saturday Night at the Movies" Per UKDxer, this is Radio Free Victoria

6369, 6/30, 1845+ Sounds like Dutch folk music & polkas. Fair/good to start but really faded within a few min. "Beer Barrel Polka" song in Dutch at 1850. Barely audible by 1855.

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