Wednesday, June 29, 2016

European Pirate Logs via Twente: 6/29/16

Well, I had hoped to start logging North American pirates in the blog again, but I haven't heard any over the past few days. But at least I have a few more loggings from the Twente web receiver:

unid: 1640, 6/29, 1602-1604* Instrumental song & off with no talk.

Radio Merlin International: 6280, 6/29, 1833+ New wavish music. Started good, but fading out. ID per Iann's chat

Hit Mix Radio: 6285, 6/29, 1719+ Sounded like shoutouts in Dutch over an instrumental polka at 1722. Telephonic-sounding canned ID at 1730. At 1731, I think DJ said "Hit Mix Radio live 6-2-8-5!" Off by 1830 check

6320, 6/29, 1833 Lots of polkas

Marconi Radio International: 7700U, 6/29, 2001+ music, sign on announcement with IDs and talk in a few different languages. Star Wars theme. E-mail address as DJ came on in English with talk about the upcoming show. I think he said the show was via IBC? Hi to a number of listeners including David Baroni & a few from Japan. Into a shortwave DX information program at 2006. MRI reminds me a lot of some of the smaller SWBC stations from a few decades ago that would combine news, DX, and something cultural almost seamlessly into a 30-min. program. Hope MRI shifts the times occasionally so that we can hear it in North America directly.

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