Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Catch-All Post

(Probably more of a catch-some post because I'm sure to forget some things.)

I've been starting to see some buzz and get some e-mails about the Global HF Weekend. Thanks for the contacts. As I've mentioned, I'll post as much here as I hear on the radio and find out about, but I think that other people will be doing so as well. I've already heard from Terry's Hobby Radio Blog. He posted a copy of the e-mail that I sent out & said "I will also do what I can to note any interesting inter-continental DX as I hear it on this Blog." Awesome! I'm sure he'll find out some stuff that I don't, so be sure to check his blog before and during the weekend.

Thomas from the SWLing Post blog posted the e-mail as well, and the HB blog got a big jump in hits over the past day, so that's a good sign that people will be listening.

Thanks to Cool AM, I received a radio promo version of the e-mail that I sent out. I don't have a site to upload MP3 files to right now, but if you ask me, I'll send it to you. BTW, the link goes to the Cool AM jingle page, where many jingles that he produced for different stations are located.

Yesterday, an unidentified station on 6880 kHz from North America broadcast relays of numerous old shortwave pirate programs, including WKND, Radio Azteca, Radio Clandestine, Radio Free Whatever, WREC, and possibly others. I tuned in late but I did hear WKND. Good stuff!

Now that my dishwasher is done pumping out tremendous amounts of RFI, I might just check the radio.


  1. - PROMO - GLOBAL HF PIRATE WEEKEND - the Global HF Weekend - November 3, 4 and 5 - 2017 // Download Promo & Jingle Announcement "This Station Participates the Global HF Pirate Radio Weekend" @ https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0gwa2pq9yg2cq/

    Promo Global HF Pirate Weekend - November 3, 4 and 5 2017 --> http://www.coolam.nl/promo-globalhfpirateweekend.mp3

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    CoolAM Radio Productions

  2. Great, thanks for adding the link!

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