Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween Weekend Loggings

I'm still doing a lot of work on the house before it's time for the inspectors to come, so I'll probably miss a lot of broadcasts & not log a ton of details. But I have been tuning a bit here'n'there while running upstairs & bringing a Hallicrafters SX-42 up on a variac. Will it work or just output the bad capacitor hum? I'm guessing the latter. Anyway, here are my loggings that I'm updating through the weekend:

Yeah Man Radio: 6925.5, 10/27, 2145+ Jazz music. DJ asked for listeners to check into HF Underground & log the station, so I did.

Pee Wee: 6955U, 10/28, 0120+ Tuned in to backwards talk over a deep growling noise. Halloween show with SSTV ID at the end. Good signal

Ion Radio: 6925, 10/28, 1543+ Caught a few minutes. A rockabillyish song and a live story-telling country song. Off and then Morse code at end

unid: 6925U, 10/28, 2145+ Elvis "All Shook Up" Good signal

Clever Name Radio: 6935U, 10/28, 2145+ Black Sabbath "War Pigs." Super signal

1710 kHz, 10/29, 0314+ Checked the frequency and it was surprisingly free of local noise. Actually listenable. I thought that at tune in, I heard some quick fading from a Spanish station, but maybe that was just wishful thinking. I'm sure that I heard one or 2 TIS stations on the frequency and possibly more signals. Unlike most of the times when I'm listening to 1710 in the car and I have either nothing or just the Hudson Co. TIS fading in really clearly, most of the time here, it was a few weak signals at about the same level. After checking the recording a bit, I had a clear fade up of an older vocal song at 0450, then in faded the Hudson Co. TIS with their storm surge emergency procedures. I'd like to think that the station airing the vocal song was a pirate (Radio Reten Lo Que Tienes, in particular), but at this point, I can't rule out the possibilities of a spur or receiver image.

KVR: 6925U, 10/29, 1304-1306* Sounded like instrumental movie music, then Morse code. Station signed on over top of the CW in AM mode. ID per HFU.

unid: 6925, 10/29, *1306-1321* Police "Wrapped around Your Finger," Clash "Rock the Casbah," & a few other songs.Very strong. I assume the same station was also on *1336-1341*, *1350-1351*, *1401-1405*, *1416-1417*, *1435-1438*, & *1452-1455* with similar signals & songs.

unid: 6925, 10/29, ca.1630 My R8 was still in USB mode when I came back to the radio, so I tuned it in USB, switched to AM and the station went off. My guess is this was the station just above.

unid: 6955, 10/29, 1705+ Lively Latino music. Good signal, but audio sounds really tinny. Into rock music, including Steve Miller "The Joker," & "Nowhere to Run."

Recycle Radio: 6950, 10/29, 1955+ '60s garage rock ("Stepping Stone" Abaddon "Blues Today," The Haunted "1-2-5") + lighter '60s pop, too.

Yeah Man Radio: 6925.6, 10/29, 2019+ Jazzy instrumental song, then the announcer mentioned listening to Recycle Radio on 6950 before. Shoutouts to listeners on HFU. Good, maybe VG signal.

Clever Name Radio: 6935U, 10/29, 2102+ Excellent signal with Jimi Hendrix & others. Missed a lot of the show because I finally brought the SX-42 up to 110 V and started listening around (or trying to) while this show was on in the background.

unid: 6950U, 10/29, 2139+ Excellent signal. Noted in passing when my computer was crashing & I was getting bowls, etc. for my daughter's pumpkin carving, but I guess it didn't ID per logs on HFU

Radio Free Whatever: 6960U, 10/29, 2316+ A few newish rock and hard rock songs. Excellent sig. Ha, there's such a difference in tone between the mics(?) that Stavin's deep voice and Dick's somewhat more trebley sound, that it almost seems like they're using different transmitters

Logs via Twente
Deutscher Wetterdienst: 6180, 10/28, 1610+ German female computer voice giving the weather. Basically a German version of our NOAA stations, except that it's sea weather for the North and Baltic Sea, as well as for the Mediterranean and parts of the eastern Atlantic. Wonder if this is on at times that it would propagate to North America? (BTW, this is operated by the German government, not a pirate)

Radio Merlin International: 6305, 10/28, 1628+ Clear ID, pop/rock music "I Want Candy" "Time Warp"

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