Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Weekend! (early updates)

Today's the beginning of the Halloween radio weekend. I don't yet have any loggings, but I really do need to come up with some separate antennas and listening/recording arrangements so that I can log  and record a few more broadcasts.

A few updates about things that I've written about recently:

  • In the South, be listening for Radio Reten Lo Que Tienes on 1710 kHz, which has been reported by a few listeners in Georgia. Signals have been strong, so it will be interesting to see just how far it will be reported. They have an impressive website.
  • I've received an e-mail that a new Halloween pirate, Creepy Radio, will be broadcasting this weekend on shortwave.
  • I've also received some e-mails from some pirates who plan to be on the air for the Global HF radio weekend, so we should have a few special broadcasts to be tuning around for.
  • I received a QSL from Lupo Radio from Argentina. He sent some information about his station, but I want to check with the operator before posting anything.

  • Chris Smolinski received successful tests from Chilean pirate Radio Compania Worldwide on 6925.1 kHz. It looks like we might be on the cusp of another renaissance of South American pirate radio activity, which is kind of amazing, considering that the really active stations from the '90s, such as Radio Cochiguaz, Radio Blandengue, and AARS, have not returned.