Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Loggings 2017

WHYP: 4065U, 10/31, 1835+ Thanks to a Chris Smolinski log, I heard a pirate down where I wouldn't've thought to look so early in the afternoon. I tuned in, started recording, and left to plane a door. After about 15 min., the station signed off. Afterward, I checked the recording and most of what I had recorded was mistuned. In about the last two minutes or so of the broadcast, everything locked in and the audio sounded great. Not positive, but I think JB was adjusting the tuning . . . or maybe the transmitter drifted?

WHYP: 4065U, 10/31, 2210+ Very strong and good audio with 2002 Halloween special: JB, LCee, Jay, & more. I guess the brief show at 1835 was a warm-up test for this broadcast. Ended with "Zeller Mash" & George smashing down the studio door, insulting the program, a Brownyard yay-yay-yay chorus, Cpt. Ganja with contact info, Al Fansome, then a loop IS of a girl saying something & giggling. Now, spooky organ music, so maybe that was just the end of the program but not the broadcast?

I heard that a station was on with Elvis music on 4073 and that the OTR unid was back on 6770. Neither were audible, so I went for a band scan.

Radio Voyager (Europe): 6950, 10/31, 2259+ Fair signal with light pop. The R8's dumb sync detector can't lock on. Hearing some pescadores on the frequency, too. Nice to hear a new (for me) Europirate. Unusually good signal. Also, they offer a lot of well-done eQSLs, so it's worth writing in.

Wolverine Radio: 6935U, 10/31, 2322+ Bells, then every Halloween sound effect known to man seems to be crammed into the first few minutes: a variety of screams, moans, swirling sounds, water dripping, creaking doors, growling, moans, boiling something, owls, birds, maybe a cow crying? VG signal. Ha! It's the beginning of the Wolverine Radio Halloween show! ID after about 10 min. of sound effects.

unid: 6955U, 10/31, 2334* credit card ad & off

Clever Name Radio: 6950U, 10/31, 2337 HUGE signal with dance music. Knife Party "Internet Friends" EBS clip from The Purge--"May God be with you all." Female computer ID: "Happy F------ Halloween from ----- Radio. Hope you enjoy your evening." I couldn't understand the female computer-voiced ID, but everyone seems to be in agreement that it's Clever Name Radio

Laser Hot Hits (Europe): 6205, 10/31, 2358+ OK, this one's audible a lot in North America but the signal's really pretty decent tonight. Basically '80s pop format with a DJ. They tend to air live shows over the weekend, then record them to repeat through the week.

Captain Morgan: 6925, 11/1, 0013+ Excellent signal with dramatic instrumental movie music? "Ghostbusters," "They're Coming to Take Me Away, ha, ha," Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me" "Thriller," "Monster Mash," Twilight Zone theme

Radio Free Whatever: 4065U, 11/1, 0035+ Excellent signal with instrumental music. If stations use this frequency range tonight, the activities could go on for a long time. A couple of years ago, everyone relied on 43m & activity virtually ended by 0100 UTC. Dick Weed with non-Halloween regular show for everyone who's burned out on Halloween

Lupo Radio (tentative): 6973, 11/1, 0316+ This is tentative--a weak signal with bits of audio on their usual frequency. Assuming that this is Lupo, this is a great chance for West Coast DXers to hear it (usually, it signs off by around 0100 UTC).

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