Saturday, October 26, 2019

Auds'n'Ends 10/26/19

I was planning to post this last night, but life got in the way. Maybe I'll post later tonight. We'll see.

First, a link to an underground radio-like station in New York City. As so often happens with magazine writers, they confuse radio with webcasting. If it's not on the radio, it can't be radio. But the opposite isn't true if the radio station is within the reception range of an SDR. If that's the case, a radio station is also online. But all of this is a topic for another day. The point is that it's a collective who are creating webcasts and actually have a physical location for people to come down and help out.

Next, as I've typing this (1240 UTC), I'm hearing some fairly intense Middle Eastern music on 11520 kHz. This isn't a pirate, but it's interesting in light of current worldwide political events. I've been reading about the Kurdish clandestine Denge Welat and how the Turkish government is doing its best to broadcast its own propaganda and to jam Denge Welat. As a result, there's been frequency hopping among 11520, 11530, and 11540 kHz. I have no idea if I'm listening to the Kurdish station or the Turkish one. I hate to see this level of fighting and the violations of human rights that seem to be following it, but it's great to hear radio from the source in real-time. Denge Welat does have a website but I didn't see live streaming or downloads of programming available.

I heard Radio Corsair last weekend and it sounded great on the car radio. Unfortunately, it was much worse on my R8 with the inverted V. Wonder if it's because local noise is much worse on medium wave or because the antenna isn't optimum for the frequency? I recorded it from the home receiver, but it was not the best source (a few words copyable vs. 100% understandable on the car radio). Radio Corsair was on again last night, but it seemed to be only a brief transmission and I was in the car listening just after it went off.

The last singer on 11520 reminded me of Peter Gabriel. Just singing in Arabic. Or Kurdish. The station just had some announcements.

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