Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Pre-Halloween Loggings and More 10/30/19

Some Halloween activity is (and has been) taking place today. Halloween pirate listening is always fun, but when it's windy and pouring rain? Of course, it's perfect.

I was running around the house setting up a makeshift antenna so that I can have the Kenwood R-5000 going in the basement while the Drake R8 is recording other stuff. Now, I need to get something set up for the R-5000 to record with. My basement (more of a cellar) is slowly getting whipped into shape (concrete and drains put in the floor a few years ago) and I'm about to work on the walls. My point is that it's a work in progress.

Over the next few days, I'll probably be posting a lot of loggings & updating the posts, so be aware that a new post might not be up, but the most recent one might be updated.

Radio Illuminati via relay: 5150, 2149+ VG signal here on both the R8 and the R-5000. Pop music interspersed with audio clips from Dr. Strangelove and numbers stations and numbers station-related SSTV images. Fun stuff to listen to on Halloween eve. Myteaquinn captured an SSTV image near the end of the show with "Radio Illuminati relayed program" on it.

Old-Time Radio unid: 6770, 2307+ I was hoping OTR would return over Halloween after weeks or months off. One of the best signals I've heard from this station over the past couple of years. Comedy program: "You know, singers run in my family." "I can see why." Into Vitalis ad.

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