Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A Few Logs via Twente, 11/5/19

Via Twente, Netherlands Web Receiver

Radio Merlin: 6305, 1427+ ‘70s pop music & male DJ. Lots of IDs, both by the DJ & also prerecorded. “Rock Me Gently.” Fair signal starting to fade badly. Switched to a woman DJ around 1515

Radio Spaceshuttle: 9290, 1517+ Weak with complete fade-outs, but some dance music coming through well, clear IDs. Adjacent-channel utility QRM

1616, 2018: Schlager & calliope music. Very strong. Male announcer, I think he mentioned “Mariana” a couple of times. One song sounds like a Dutch Elvis with a few lyrics in English (“Lovely Diana”). I saw on UK DXer's Shortwave DX Blog that he heard Radio Marianne around the same time on 1617 kHz, so maybe that's what this is.

1631, 2050: A chaotic live soul song with lots of horn solos. Near the end, the singer yelled "take off your clothes!" Songs "Dream, Baby, Dream" Roy Orbison "Only the Lonely"

1660, 2100+: Weak, but some audio was making it through. Not sure if it was a Greek station or a very low powered Dutch station, so I checked it against the Zakanthyos, Greece, online receiver and it's very strong there. Male DJ using lots of reverb and talked to someone on the phone for a little bit. Some Greek folk music

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