Friday, November 1, 2019

Global HF Weekend, Day 1

And, guess what? It's already time for the Global HF Weekend to start! I'm not sure what or who will be running this weekend, but I'll be following activity as closely as I can.

Skippy Radio: 6930U, 2230+ A couple of electronic songs & SSTV. Huge signal

Logs via Webreceiver in Twente, Netherlands

Enterprise Radio: 6285, 1350+ Weak/fair. Pop song into horror movie soundtrack, then howls and slow, heavy organ music. Specials “Ghost Town” Uncopyable announcements, “Ghostbusters” Computer-voiced woman with IDs & e-mail announcements

Coast FM: 6230, 1544-1552+ Singing ID, Yes “Owner of a Lonely Heart” & other pop music. Good signal, DJ back announced the song & said it’s 30 C, then read a fairly long PSA about flu vaccinations, into an ad

Laser Lot Hits: 6205, 1555+ Pop music, female ID with laser sound effects. Male DJ. Signal is only fair and much of the DJ patter isn’t copyable. Lots of quick, shallow fading

All ‘80s Jukebox: 5800, 1655+ VG signal Sheena Easton “Morning Train” ID “This is All ‘80s Jukebox” Not sure if this is a new station or if it’s someone testing with the feed from the All ‘80s Jukebox web station. Started fading heavily around 1700

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