Sunday, November 3, 2019

Global HF Weekend Sunday Logs, 11/3/19

Really calm weekend, considering it's both a couple of days after Halloween and GHFW. Looking back at Halloween, I'm surprised by the type of activity. No complaints, but I'm surprised by how many of the major stations in terms of signal coverage and popularity, but very few Halloween-themed and "occasional" stations were active. Instead of five or six stations on the air at the same time, it was a somewhat orderly display, with one major station leading to another.

Some old friends that I thought might be back include Undercover Radio, Renegade Radio, and a KIPM relay. And I thought there was a possibility of someone getting fired up about pirate radio and making their first broadcast this year--even if they disappeared forever afterward. Not so this year. It was a great time and plenty of stations were on the air, just a bit different from how things have unfolded in past years.

This weekend, instead of hearing overflow stations from Halloween or some repeat programs, most people seem to be resting from the activity of the past week.

Recycle Radio: 6923, 1613+ VG signal. '60s garage rock: Johnny Kidd & the Pirates "Shakin' All Over"

Reflections Europe (tent.): 6295, 2240+ Pretty good carrier, but no audio making it here. Utility QRM isn't helping

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