Saturday, November 2, 2019

Global HF Weekend Saturday Logs, 11/2/19

I saw that yesterday's Mix Radio International broadcast on 12095 kHz USB was heard with a good signal in England and Argyle Radio made it to England with a fair signal during its Halloween broadcast.

Mike Radio (Netherlands): 6910 USB, 2109+ This appears to be a broadcast specifically to North America because he's using SSB and in 43 meters. Weak, but can hear some clear IDs. Lots of talk. Thanks for the long broadcast for us!

Quadzilla (tentative): 6950, 2200+ Have the carrier, but no audio has made it through yet

Via SDR in Twente, Netherlands
6390, 1209 I think I heard a phone number given out as "00061126726" Weak with some clear fade ups. Wide variety of folk, pop, & modern dance music

6265, 1212 Carrier & just heard a few beats fade up.

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