Wednesday, November 6, 2019

More Greek Pirate listening, 11/6/19

After checking out the Greek MW pirates the other day, I wanted to check for Serbian pirates because I know the country has a number of powerful stations. Unfortunately, no Kiwi SDRs are located in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, or Romania, but I did find a couple in Hungary. And I checked the SDR and heard a few pirates. Of course, my comprehension of Serbian is just as nonexistant as of Greek. But I doublechecked the SDR against the one south of Greece and it appears that all of the stations I heard on the Hungarian SDR this afternoon were Greek pirates.

As of now (2215 UTC), via the Zakynthos, Greece, SDR, I'm hearing Greek pirates on 1620, 1630, 1660 (very weak), 1670, 1680, 1690, 1700 (two stations & a heterodyne), and 1710 kHz. All of these except 1710 are non-stop Greek folk music. 1710 is very strong with electronic dance music; believe it or not, I'm not hearing the looping technical difficulties announcement from WQFG689 underneath it.

The 1620 station isn't playing any of the ID spots that were aired on Tuesday, so my guess is that these are two different stations.

I thought that with the dance music, 1710 would be my best chance of hearing an ID in English, but some vocals just came into the techno song that I'm listening to and I think it's also Greek. Oh well.

Most of these stations seem to be IDing and having regular announcements, so the big issue is just having someone who speaks Greek who can ID them.

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