Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pirate Loggings: 7/10/14

Pirate Loggings: 7/10/14

Unid Old-Time Radio Station: 6770, 7/9, 1200, 2100, etc. Good signal with OTR comedies

Germany Calling (?): 6925U, 7/10, 0423+ Nice signal with big band music, including "Thanks for the Memories" & "Let's Go Slumming." I've heard four songs so far & no IDs at the breaks. ID of Germany Calling, taken from the WWII-era broadcasts from the DJx stations. Not sure if this is the pirate Germany Calling or if someone else is reusing those IDs. In the past, the Germany Calling pirate had only used 6940 kHz and AM, not this freq or mode. Later, played at least one WWII-era German parody of a US song: a version of "Let's Go Slumming" was played with the lyrics of "Let's go shelling, where they're dwelling." <a few songs later> a whole bunch of instrumental big band songs later and I'm falling asleep at the radio. It's too late . . . A bunch of high-speed CW at 0500 UTC & then the big band music continued.


MARS (military amateur radio service) net: 6823U, 7/10, 0030+ Good signals. A frequency for pirates to avoid.

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