Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekend Loggings: 7/11-7/13/14

Weekend Loggings: 7/11-7/13/14

Old Time Radio unid: 6770, 7/11, 2200-2230+ Listened to comedy programming for a while, but didn't hear what program it was. Heard the NBC chimes at the end of the show. Checked in on the frequency at about 0300 UTC & the station was off the air.

Generation Wild 100: 6930U, 7/12, approx. 0330. Excellent signal with nice SSB audio. Pro-sounding IDs that might've been spliced together bits of ID.


non-pirate logs

Gander International Airport: 6622U, 7/12, 0515+ Communications with Delta 262. According to Google, this flight left NYC at 9:52 PM & should arrive in Dublin, Ireland, at 9:12 AM (Dublin time). Other flights included American 120 to Paris and United 982 to Kuwait.

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