Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekend Loggings: 7/19-7/21/14

Weekend Loggings: 7/19-7/21/14

Radio Ga-Ga?: 6925U, 7/20, 0050+ "Blitzkrieg Bop" & "Somebody Put Something in My Drink" by The Ramones. I guess this is a Tommy Ramone tribute

Radio True North: 6925, 7/20, 0400+ Signal on the weak side of fair. I recorded it, but I need to sift through the recording for some details.

I received a couple of SSTV images from Red Man Radio while the receiver was on overnight:


 YHWH: 15655, 7/20, 1624+ I seem to have some local noise on the frequency. The signal is really weak, so I'm just getting enough faint fade ups to to hear the main announcer speaking (but it's not copyable again this time). My best reception of YHWH was definitely up on 21 MHz.

MAC: 6950, 7/21, 0020+ Excellent signal with Jimmy Stewart show on MAC. Novelty song "I Love a Murder Mystery." Live timechecks, IDs, e-mail address, talking about Donna Reed and the variations between the script and how It's a Wonderful Life actually turned out. Song announced as "Tuck Me to Sleep,"but I believe the actual title is "My Old Kentucky Home." An Artie Shaw instrumental. James Stewart weather report.

Captain Morgan: 6950, 7/21, 0018+ Excellent signal, Just heard sign on with '50s rock. Great to hear the captain again! Unfortunately, I was out and just got caught this in the chunk of time that I was recording MAC.

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