Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Europirate Loggings via Twente: 10/27/15

These were heard via the University of Twente webreceiver today:

Unid: 1620, 10/27, 1812-1817* Johnny Cash "I Walk the Line" & more old country music. Off without any talk

1630, 10/27, 1822- Very weak with some music and talk. Lots of reverb on the male announcer

1650, 10/27, 1835+ Very weak, not sure if any audio is here or if someone was testing an antenna or transmitter. Same thing on 1655 at the same time

1670, 10/27, 1830 Very weak with a male announcer. Gone in a few min

Unid: 6285, 10/27, 1440-1445* Dutch country music, polkas, schlager. Off with no talk of any type

6309.8, 10/27, 1400+ Light instrumental jazz, much like what would be played in a dentist’s office or on the telephone when you’re put on hold. Weak; heard as early as 1300, but audio was hard to detect at that time. Signed off by 1430

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