Sunday, October 11, 2015

Project Updates: 10/11/15

With autumn setting in, I've started doing more radio-related activities again. A month or two ago, I strung up a decent random longwire for my Philco 44, so it's nice to listen to old-time radio shows on a '30s-era cathedral.

I also started listening more to the radio again. I logged a few broadcasts last night (and also posted the logs here). And over the past few days, I picked up some radio projects again. Here are the updates:

Philco 87: Today, I pulled it back onto the porch sanded, retaped some areas, and stained some parts of it. A couple of new photos and some text is up.

Corsette: I don't have a thread up for it, but I soldered a bit more yesterday and I almost have the oscillator portion finished.

Goldentone: Still sitting out in the garage. Pretty radio, but it's the closet thing you'll find to a disposable radio from the '30s.

I have a few other projects that I've done just a little bit with, but haven't written about on the blog. We'll see if they're worth writing about in the upcoming months.

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