Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekend Pirate Loggings: 10/23-10/26/15

Just getting warmed up for next weekend. . . .

CKUT Shortwave: 6925.2, 10/23, 2247+ Unlicensed relay of the International Radio Report which is aired on CKUT, Montreal. Signal was good, but there's a lot of QRM from various pescadors on and around 6925. FCC looking for input on their website, US AM stations in decline, weather report, but locally and internationally, guy (Steve McCoy) from a station in Atlanta who, I think, rebroadcast an old interview with Donald Trump and claimed it was his. In the UK, BBC refuses to fund switchover to digital, which would cost 40-45 million pounds/year (!). In Burkina Faso, the state radio stations were taken over in a coup. Activists took over and broadcast a pirate/clandestine called “Radio Resistance.” At the end of the show, e-mail address, etc., for CKUT Shortwave.

unid: 6930U, 10/25, 0220-0400+ Heard some music, sound effects, etc., mixing in with pescadors and other (?) talk. Kind of a mess.

Northwoods Radio: 6935U, 11/25, 1139+ Beatles "Ticket to Ride," Wilson Picket "Mustang Sally" Foghat "Slow Ride." Nice signal & audio

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