Thursday, October 15, 2015

Europirate Logs via Twente Online Receiver: 10/15/15

unid: 1620, 10/15, 1442-1444* Dutch music that sounds like '50s or early '60s American country music. Male announcer came on with feedback. Some talk in Dutch & I could hear a few IDs: "Radio ----," but my Dutch is nonexistent, so I couldn't figure it out.

unid: 1625, 10/15, 1554+ What sounds like older Dutch music. Pretty good signal

unid: 1639, 10/15, 1741-1744* Very strong with Schlager. I was listening to 1671 and I saw this one sign off within about 10 seconds of the 1671 station.

unid: 1671, 10/15, 1741-1744* Country & polka. "Roll Out the Barrels." Dutch announcement at end. I thought it sounded like he said "Radio Madonna," but I searched & didn't find a station with that name.

Radio Spaceshuttle International: 6304, 10/15, 1408+ Fair with a lot of band hiss. Computerized IDs, male announcer with mailing address, 31m frequency, etc. IDs in a number of different languages. RSI announced its last show a few weeks ago, so maybe this is a relay from a friend or fan of the station? spaceshuttleradio/@/, pirate radio song, Lots of '60s rock: "Do the Locomotion" Troggs "Wild Thing" Kinks "Sunny Afternoon""The Lion Sleeps Tonight" Dick Spaceshuttle said this is a '60s music show.

Radio Goofy: 6325, 10/15, 1710+ Pop song in either German or Dutch. Fair signal. IDs about station causing orgasms, with a gasp in the background

unid: 6360, 10/15, 1447-1503* Instrumental organ Schlager that sounds like old rollerskating music. Techno with a theremin. Nice signal. Off without ID.

Radio Supersound: 6383, 10/15, 1425+ ID per Iann's chatroom. '80s pop: Duran Duran "Wild Boys," Michael Jackson, etc. Male announcer just started to talk when the Twente receiver glitched out for about 10 seconds or so. When the audio came back, the station was back to music

Pioneer AM: 6390-->6393, 11/15, 1520+ Instrumental synthesizer music--in more of a Kraftwerk way than a techno style. Into lots of Schlager, mostly instrumental. Barry Mann "Who Put the Bomp?" ID per Iann's pirate chat, but I haven't heard any announcements here

Mike Radio: 6955, 10/15, 1715+ Bits and pieces of audio coming through. ID per Iann's chat, but I didn't hear one

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