Monday, October 26, 2015

Europirate loggings via the Twente web receiver: 10/26/15

1620, 10/26, 1700+ Polkas. Fair/poor with complete fadeouts

1630, 10/26, 1730+ Signed on around 1730

1635, 10/26, 1700+ Male announcer in Dutch, but I couldn’t understand any IDs. A Hawaiian song (!), then a few old (‘50s or  ‘60s) country songs, and schlager. Fair signal. At about 1718, “Aloha `Oe” (possibly in Dutch?)

Radio Digital: 1650, 10/26, *1733-1830* Strong carrier on around 1730. About a second of music at 1733. Instrumental song on at 1735, with modulation level slowly rising. A bunch of instrumental guitar songs that sound like they could be from a ‘60s spaghetti western--Maybe a Ventures album? At least 40 min. with no IDs. Talk in Dutch at 1813. ID per Iann’s chat. Aside from those instrumentals, station played one song that sounded like a Dutch version of Slade, then signed off at 1830.

1680, 10/26, 1830+ Weak signal, sometimes fading up above the noise. Deep-voiced male announcer with some reverb and folk music. Evidently, this is a Greek pirate because it seems like the only stations that use this frequency are from Greece, and they are commonly heard in Western Europe. I guess not many European DXers know Greek because, when searching around the Internet, it seems like no one knows the name of the station(s) that use 1680; it’s always just “unid Greek pirate.”

6295-> 6290, 10/26, 1615+ Op talking over instrumental organ schlager. Sounded like he said “Hollandia” for the station ID, but I’m not sure

Radio Enterhaken: 6303, 10/26, 1615-1626+ Lots of talk in German. Comedy segment with laughter in background at 1624 UTC with phone caller.

Radio Odynn: 6321, 10/26, 1700+ Bowie “Let’s Dance”

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