Saturday, October 10, 2015

Some Pirate Loggings: 10/11/15

Unid(s): 6925U, 10/11, 0043 Heard what sounded like a loop of the opening call of SCTV's "Great White North." Another station came on with a deep-voiced announcer that reminded me of the announcer from Satan Radio, then the song "Things that Go Bump in the Night" by Allstars (per PghScanner on HFU). Still later, I heard B-52s "Private Idaho" before Liquid Radio came on.

Liquid Radio: 6925, 10/11, 0115+ Techno with a weak signal (but better than I've heard in a while). Just checked their web stream and it's definitely Liquid Radio (same song on the radio & on the stream). BTW, the song I'm hearing right now is E-Zee Possee "Everything Starts With An E" Now, he's playing Ecstacy Club "Jesus Loves The Acid" and I could hear "How ya doin' Andrew?" over the stream, but I couldn't pull that out over the air (I was listening to both at the same time to try to hear how much of a time delay there is between the two). BTW, I think the web stream is delayed by 10-15 seconds

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