Sunday, December 8, 2013

A few AM (MW) logs from last week: 12/5 to 12/7/13 UTC

Car radio logs while waiting. Just on a crappy stock car receiver

560, CFOS (Owen Sound, ON): 12/7, 0023-0034+ '70s at 7 show. Heard the weather a few day was a high of -5, another with a high of -2. Ads for Pizza Hut, a bridal show, & Miller's Home Building Center. A singing promo.

620, WHEN (Syracuse, NY): (pres.) 12/7, 0033-0034+ Ads for Kia Christmas sale, Comfort Windows, Chinatown Furniture (which is in Syracuse). ID based on the last ad.

660, WFAN (NY, NY): 12/7, Knicks vs. Nets.

670, WSCR (Chicago, IL): 12/7, 0058-0100+ Ads for Giordano's Pizza, tires to get $ toward Bears merchandise, Bears all access

1610, WEDG (pres.): 12/5, 2130+ Christmas music with long gaps between the songs. No IDs or talk heard, but this matches loggings in the past here. Older songs, including Frank Sinatra. I misplaced my list of songs, but I'll add them here if I relocate it. Good signal at times, but hit hard at times by CHHA from Canada.

1710, Radio Celestial (NY, NY): 12/7, Presumed Celestial occasionally fading up to good levels, but mostly completely inaudible. Spanish music, some weak audio from the TIS in NJ

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