Monday, December 2, 2013

Auds 'n' Ends: 12/2/13

Busy here over the extended weekend. Caught a couple of stations over Thanksgiving, but I was gone for most of the time and the Degen 1103 with just the whip didn't do as well as I'd hoped. Even signals reported as being very good, like the one from The Crystal Ship on Thanksgiving evening, was just an occasional fade up for me. Anyway, no complaints here, just giving an update on why there haven't been any updates here for a few days.

* Heard from the printer today and he said that they've been working on the PRA....which I hope means that it's about finished?
* I was working late and missed the main Fallout 4 broadcast. By the time it came back, the signal was evidently skipping me. I wonder if this quasi-viral media campaign will give other people some ideas?
* Radio-Related Song of the Day: "Surfin' on Shortwave" by Kentaurektum. Very cool surf guitar song, but I think they need to learn to tune past the RTTY a bit quicker
* Speaking of the PRA, I just received an e-mail from Cool AM and he was kind enough to create an audio promo for the book. I'm not sure if I can post audio on the Blogger site or if I need to post it somewhere else and link to it, but I'll see what I can do.
* Another interesting broadcast that I missed last night was Radio Free Whatever on 1710 and later 1720 kHz. RFW was heard across the East at the top of the AM band. Hope they return (and stay on 1710 for a while so that I can check the signal on the car radio while driving around). What's more fun than listening to pirate radio in the car?

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