Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Loggings: 12/17/13

I've been working on some things recently and while putting the series of Ken Burns The War on in the background. It's fascinating and the footage is amazing. Moreover, if you really take it to heart, it's tough to complain about anything.

Probably less than an hour after watching part of episode 3 of The War, I turned on the receiver and heard:

Radio Casablanca: 6940, 0000-0040* Excellent signal and punchy audio. As always, the station plays WWII-era music with audio clips from the movie Casablanca. Some of the music included an instrumental version of "Thanks for the Memories," Billie Holiday "Night and Day," "Cheek to Cheek," "I'll Be Seeing You,"and "Without Your Love."Aside from the fact that the announcements are obviously and audio clips from Casablanca and they announce a gmail address for reports, you could easily imagine that a time portal opened up between now and 71 years ago on 6940 kHz. I really should have connected a long antenna to one of my '30s radios and listened to the broadcast for full effect.

Back to The War. Did you know that a B-24 contained more than 1,500,000 parts, but that a completed bomber was turned out every 63 minutes at the Ford plant?

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