Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Copies of 2013 Pirate Radio Annual have arrived: 12/11

Came home today to find boxes of books on the porch! I cut’em open and I’m happy to find that, at first glance, everything seems to have printed similarly to what I uploaded (no dropped out pages, fonts, etc.).

The blotches of light are reflections from the lights on the Christmas tree. It's not some crazy aurora dancing around the inverted V
Now, it’s time to start packing and shipping. I’m hoping to get all of the backordered Pirate Radio Annuals packed tonight and shipped out tomorrow, but we’ll see how it goes. If you still want a copy of the 2013edition, they’re not yet sold out. I printed a smaller quantity because of my delays in getting the book ready and I do expect that it will sell out by spring. Of course, I could be wrong . . . my fantasy football team was 4-9 last year.

After I finish sending these out, it’ll be time to get to work on the 2014 edition. I’ve got two entries and about ten audio files done—just a drop of oil in the ‘ol Cantenna.

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